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Stop Waiting for the Motivation to Come Back.

Depression saps you of motivation. It makes you forget most of the things that used to bring you joy, and it convinces you that the ones you do remember were never that great to begin with. It readies you with excuses to avoid every positive choice you could make.

Stop waiting for the motivation to come back. It isn’t going to come back. Depression will always want to convince you that there is nothing better. If you want to become motivated, you have to do the things you wish you wanted, even though you don’t.

Give up on wishing that one day you will wake up motivated to do the things you used to - exercising, eating better, socializing, rekindling your hobby. Wishing makes no steps.

Start doing. Keep doing. Keep doing until you remember how good it feels. Until it becomes routine again. Until you start to feel worse when you don’t than when you do.

Consider how many times you have actually felt worse after making an effort. Consider how many attempts to take care of yourself have truly backfired. Even when things don’t go our way, when we put in effort we can feel positive for having given ourselves opportunity.

Consider how many times you have felt worse after avoidance. How many times have you laid in bed at the end of the night and started picking apart the excuses you used to avoid? How often do you lay there and feel disappointed with what you did (or didn’t) do that day?

You are not going to wake up tomorrow and be motivated to put in hard work. It is not going to happen next week. It will not come on its own.

Stop waiting for motivation and start making it, just one small step at a time.


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