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What is mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is the state of being aware. You can be mindful of your thoughts as they come into your mind, and you can be mindful of your sensory experience in the moment. Harmony Pages encourage being present in the experience of revealing the images. By paying attention to what you see and feel as you use the pages, it helps focus your thoughts on the present, decreasing racing and stressful thinking. 


Who are these pages for?

  • Everyone! They were created to be therapeutic, but they are just plain enjoyable, too! They were designed for individuals with anxiety, stress, and depression, but they are also great for older children, students, people who travel or take public transportation often, and older adults. 


How do they work?

  • Harmony pages begin with printing a page of full-color image. This image is covered in a layer of water reveal coating, then black outlines are printed on top of the coating. When water is added, the coating becomes translucent, and the image beneath is revealed. As the page dries, the coating becomes opaque again and just the outlines remain.


Can I choose my own colors?

  • No, the colors are fixed, and what you add is only water. The purpose of the activity is to focus on the experience, as opposed to being a customizable art project. Think of them more like paint-by-numbers that you can't screw up!


Couldn't I just douse the page instead of filling it in like a coloring book?

  • You certainly could, but it probably wouldn't be very fulfilling. This activity is focused on seeing the image be revealed and fade, as well as the sensation of pulling the water across the page. Some of the pages are designed to emphasize long, sweeping motions, while others focus on detailed work for deeper mental engagement. 


    Can I use my brush pen for other things?

    • You certainly can, but it is recommended that you do not add color pigments to the water chamber or brush tip, in order to avoid staining your pages when you return to them.