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Therapy Uses




Harmony Pages are an asset to every therapist



As Harmony Pages were designed by a licensed mental health counselor, they are a great tool for use both in and out of therapy sessions. If you are a practitioner in a mental health-related field, consider the following ways that you might use or recommend this activity:

  • In the waiting room to help decrease stress about the upcoming appointment.

  • During sessions as a way to help provide sensory grounding, without being too distracting from the client's ability to still engage in discussion.

  • As a suggested activity at home for individuals who experience:
    • Anxiety - The pages help focus on the present experience and distract from anxious and racing thoughts.
    • Depression - Harmony Pages are designed to be fully revealed within about 10-15 minutes each, providing an opportunity that is easy to start and which allows a rewarding sense of completion.
    • Anger - The designs of all the pages were made to be soothing, and the required precision and carefulness helps provide an opposite action when irritability is increasing.
    • ADHD - Harmony Pages create an opportunity to keep hands busy, without being too distracting (no need to change utensils or choose colors while trying to maintain another focus)